Hello JavaScript lovers! 😘

Guess what? Nordic.js is hitting the big 1-0 soon! 🎉 🎂 As you all know, we're all about connecting awesome people and building a thriving community of passionate and talented JS devs. So, we've decided to hit pause on our 2024 conference and focus on making 2025 the most epic year ever for Nordic.js!

Since kicking off back in 2014, Nordic.js has evolved into a loved and appreciated conference in the tech industry. Every year, we've offered an exciting mix of talks, workshops, and networking opportunities, all while exploring the latest JavaScript trends, technologies, and best practices. 🚀

In 2025, we're going all out to create a mind-blowing experience for everyone. Expect an even more amazing lineup of speakers, sessions, and fun activities. Plus, it'll be the perfect chance to look back on the past decade of Nordic.js and toast to the incredible community we've built together. 🥂

With some extra time to plan and prep, we're positive we can pull off a celebration that'll knock your socks off. So, grab a pen and mark those 2025 calendars, 'cause it's time to get pumped for the ultimate JavaScript party! 🪩 🎈

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