THE JavaScript event

Nordic.js is the JavaScript conference to go to in 2022, to experience all things new and exciting, and to become a more fully skilled developer. People meet at this event to experiment, compete, play, party and learn from ridiculously good Javascript speakers. 

      Why sponsor?

      💡 Connect your brand with the best minds in the Stockholm Tech Community

      Supporting Nordic.js will put your company in front of programmers and designers who are eager to connect with the latest opportunities and trends. Sponsors of the event will inevitably increase their exposure to the digital and creative community.

      🤝 Identifying and recruiting talent

      Nordic.js is a great place to reach out to a wide audience of people from the local community as well as the international. It’s the perfect setup to find new talent.

      💘 Support our community

      Connect with hackers, makers, and creators in the digital space as a supporter of Stockholm’s tech initiatives and play an active role in promoting our local tech community.

      2019 in numbers

      😍 1200 attendees
      💻 95% developers
      🎉 40 different countries represented including United States, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Iceland, Macedonia and Argentina.
      💞 450 companies took part


      Martina Elm

      Jonny Strömberg

      Johannes Edelstam