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Nordic.js will take place at Nobelberget, a new international venue for music, art and food – located just 10 minutes from the city centre.

It’s the best conference I’ve been to. It’s inspiring and you really understand the importance of JavaScript today.
Nalle Rooth

World class speakers

Nordic.js is a single track conference with 8-10 talks per day by internationally renowned speakers as well as rising stars. Previous speakers include names like Douglas Crockford, Alice Bartlett, Tom Dale, Soledad Penadés, Bert Belder & Jake Archibald.

Are you interested in speaking at Nordic.js? Or do you know someone that would give a really interesting talk? In both cases, don’t hesitate to send us a proposal or suggest a speaker.

Make new friends

With over 800 developers, designers and creatives descending to Stockholm for the event, and both structured and informal networking sessions provided, it’s a brilliant opportunity for you and your team to forge new professional contacts and make new friends.

Possibly the greatest JavaScript conference. The speakers, city, party and the small details in between.
Jakob Öhman, attendee 2015

Great food

We want you to have an all in all great experience and we believe that food is a big part of that. This year we’re collaborating with a number of truly amazing foodtrucks, serving everything from fish tacos to delicous tapas. You can choose something new to eat at every meal and in case you get a craving you can always sneak out and grab an extra bite.

Bring your learnings back to work

Online videos of all sessions, with integrated slides and audio will be made available to all attendees after the event. This ensures no one will miss a thing and your whole office can benefit.

Code in the Dark

By popular demand we’re organizing Code In The Dark for this year’s conference again. Code in the Dark is a competition where front-end development meets smoke machines and lasers. Given a screenshot of a website, the contestants have 15 minutes to replicate it using HTML/CSS, without previewing the result.

The winner in each heat is decided by the audience. The competition continues until there's only one contestant left — the Champion of the Dark.

  • 15 Minutes
  • No Previews
  • One champion
A good technical conference with a truly strong sense of community, sharing and learning.
Vitaly Friedman, smashing magazine

Experience Stockholm

You’ll get to experience Sweden and Stockholm from it’s prettiest angle.

The Party

The party or Festen as we like to call it (Swedish for party) is the official afterparty for Nordic.js. It’s also a celebration of our city and its amazing tech and startup community. Last year we had over 3000 people attending and we’ve had artists performing like Teenage Engineering, Lorentz, Beatrice Eli and Andreas Ferronato AKA Epic Sax Guy.

One of the coolest and friendliest JavaScript conference experiences I’ve ever had.
Tara Jane Feener, Fiftythree

Give a lightningtalk

We will have two lightning talk sessions scheduled, all conference attendees are welcome to contribute. Each talk should be around 5 minutes long - you can apply for a slot when you get to the conference, why not share some learnings from a project you’ve been working on or maybe take a firm stance on tabs vs spaces. Start preparing!

Dinner with strangers

As a way to make it easier for you to meet people you didn’t know from before we’re organizing something that we like to call Dinner with Strangers. It works like this: we reserve tables for six at our favorite restaurants around town and then we pair you up with five people you’ve never met before for a dinner. If you’re interested you can signup for one as the conference gets closer. It’s of course optional :)

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Let’s partner up!

An event like this could not happen without the support of sponsors and collaborators. Are you interested in being part of Nordic.js? We'd love to talk!

See you in September!

Nordic.js was founded in 2014 and is organized for the fourth time by Jonny Strömberg, Martina Elm and Johannes Edelstam.

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The Code of conduct

We are dedicated in providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion.

We do not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any conference venue, including talks.

Conference participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the conference at the discretion of the conference organizers.

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